This page includes: Important comments, and a list of future and past events with selected photos and results


11am – AMMO AGM.

12pm – Lunch (included if you rsvp by 4/11/20)

1pm – Industry Strategic Framework Presentation and discussion.

2pm – Mohair Australia AGM

Wattle Park Uniting Church Hall.

1296 Barton Highway, Wallaroo.

NSW. 2618.

As this meeting will involve members joining by Zoom, we need your reply by the 4th November so that we can provide you with access email RSVP to [email protected] for Zoom or lunch catering (nominate any dietary requests) if coming in person.

Mohair Craft

See the Mohair News side bar for the third paper

Hand Spinning

See the Mohair News side bar for articles on hand spinning


Preliminary Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting of AMMO Ltd will be held on Friday 6th November 2020 commencing at 11am in conjunction with Mohair Australia AGM. Venue:  Wattle Park Uniting Church Hall. 1296 Barton Highway, Wallaroo. NSW. 2618. The Annual Report, meeting agenda and minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting will be circulated prior to the meeting.

6th November Mohair Australia National AGM Canberra

NSW Division AGM 15/08/2020

See President’s Report on Mohair News at left.

More signs of an odd climate

What happens when the autumn is mild and wet? Apart from a sigh of relief from feed short graziers, you get an early germination of weeds. In the central west we get catheads, Bathurst burrs and karki weed germinate and grow on summer storms but we won’t talk about them. As well with a damper early break to the season we get early germination of Variegated Thistle, Marsh Mallow and Paterson’s curse. A warmish winter allows them to flourish. Now stands of Variegated thistles can be spectacular with masses of forests 10 to 15 feet high often covering an acre or more. While the thistle shadows out pasture plants, eventually they go to head and stock love them. (But if sprayed or cut they can cause Nitrate poisoning.) Equally spectacular can be Marsh Mallow (Gardening Australia wonders if this is not Common mallow). This winter has seen some remarkable stands. ABC talk-back has had reports of plants 2.5m high – with photos of submerged utes etc. I don’t think stock like it so it continues to grow. Finally there is Paterson’s Curse, not so spectacular, YET. But come spring “the hills will come alive” with purple Riverina Blue Bells”. While horses are supposed to suffer poisoning, sheep and goats seem to cope well with this weed.

The last big Paterson’s Curse year -2010

NSW Division AGM 15th August Goulburn Soldiers Club 10.30am

This will be a face-to-face meeting provided Covid 19 issues remain restrained.

29th July  Webinar on Sustainability of goat fibre production:guidelines

This webinar is to allow discussion of the document prepared by Schuster Consulting Group P/L and published by AgriFutures Australia. To be held on Wednesday 29th July at 12.30 (till 2.00pm).

Registrations: Please register by email to [email protected] 

by Monday, 27 July 2020

Mohair Australia mourns the passing of Arthur Day

It is with great sadness that Board and members of Mohair Australia hear of the passing of this distinguished surgeon, husband and father. Arthur supported his spouse, Hilary in the operation of Koonkie Woorun since the 1970’s and always maintained a quiet and dignified presence. Our deep sympathy goes to Hilary and the family of Arthur Day.

May Mohair News published

The all new designed Mohair News was posted this week. Glorious colour. Its available to down load from this page. Just click the NewsLetter icone on the left.

Progress ??

Now here is a story of frustration. WordPress is a open access program of huge potential and used by the majority of web sites currently on line. Unfortunately there is a hook to it’s use. Very subtle, but eventually you get to a position where it requires financial issues to get where you want to go. I don’t have the authority even if I actually knew what to pay for. I simply can’t up load what I want to present. So, we go back to basics. I continue to work within the basic environment. You will note the front page has a rather non-descript tail. Two blue boxes gets you somewhere, one gets you a blank page. Ho Hum! Maybe you are not supposed to see the New News page but its there as my experimental notes. The other page is of need or some work. It will come, eventually. Next. I will upload some photos, which I can do. Then spread them around to make the site more interesting. If this seems a bit basic and not very refined – you are right. DS

Quick comment

We make more progress, sort of. The new Herd Book System went live on the 22nd April but there are some problems. You will need a new password. Contact Doug Stapleton 0408681610 or [email protected] to set a  one. List Animal and List Members searches now work properly Add Animals and Transfers also work but there are issues with litter size and DOB’s but we are getting there. Please don’t save anything at present and  Don’t Panic. DS How to work this site. Now you can pick which page you wish but new stuff starts here with NEWS. Latest news is on top. Most of the pages however are static with routine information for the public and members who need forms etc. Much of the information is up to date but more will be added.  Did I complain about the editor program? “All else fails, read the instructions ” Right? Well, talk about a tidal wave. Everything has already been thought about and made available. BUT where to start! DS
Here begins a rework of the mohair site. This will be something of a steep learning exercise. Not only am I overseeing the redevelopment of the Herd Book, but also learning how to edit pages you see and supplying some “content”. Now, content is the real purpose of a web site. Its not easy because you have to make real comment and supply graphic material including photos. Content can be on the page or it can be stored with a link, or the link can be to another web site or published material. Working on a site rapidly becomes complicated. Please let me know if you have a comment or even a paper which might be published here. Send articles and comments to [email protected] . Thank you for your patients. DS

Up Coming Events

Not a lot to list here.

NSW Division meeting held on line using Zoom

The follow up meeting on 22nd discussed the 2021 NATS and the development of a early warning sheet to coordinate planning and exhibitor’s efforts. The NSW Division ran a successful meeting on Friday morning (15th May). While not all members of the Executive could attend much progress was made with communication within the state. The NATS report will be dealt with next week but it seems that the big event essentially broke even and the general impression was that the event was hugely successful.

Judging Guidelines update

I was asked at NATS why the List of judges only contained NSW people. Well – it’s a NSW list. My answer was followed by another question – Why isn’t there a National list? That required a more complex answer. First, the NSW list is the result of a long-standing development policy started by Frank Wroe using Judging schools, Associate Judges and finally, after an apprenticeship appointment as a Full judges. Second, the development of a Judging Guidelines document in 2002. This document followed consultation with other Divisions. Third The approval of the then National Board (which was obtained though there was some disagreement specifically from Victoria which wanted to use their own guidelines). Photo above. Here is the judge explaining to his associate judge while judging the NATS. This led to a third question of whether the National Board should make appointments to a National Judging panel. From my experience it was decided against doing so, or rather not to pursue the idea. The reason can only be guessed at. Probably because there were too many more important issues at the time but also the danger of perceived nepotism. In any event, there is only the NSW Division’s list because NSW is the only Division with an appointment process. So that is where the situation stands. Recently I was asked by the NSW Division to update the 2002 document. This has been done and the draft document was sent to all Associate and full NSW Judges. A copy of the updated document is available from the Mohair News tab at the top left of this page.

Windows 10 – all things to all people?

Not really Angoras but still central to our existence. I thought I might put a few comments down to see if it applies to everyone. I am continually frustrated with the Windows 10 operating system. Now it may be because I want to do things my way, instead of the Microsoft way. But still; much of computing in the past has claimed a good deal of intuitive method. Not anymore. Windows (or Microsoft) wants to do it it’s way and tries to help – well the difficulty is that “help” is not intuitive. Specifically, the file system is confused by the One Drive system. I know it’s meant to make computing available on multiple machines including smart phones which seem to be taking over being THE mobile platform but here is the point – using Word, for instance, and when you want to save your work, it asks you for a file name (OK) but then it says “Don’t worry, we’ll put it somewhere”. For those of us who write a lot, how do you find where it puts stuff? And, the other example. Where does it put photos? You don’t need to know if you use the Windows photo system which puts camera downloads into albums and One Drive will even pick out interesting groups of photos for a slide show (without asking until it wants to show you what its chosen). “Go away!”, all I want is access to my camera files so I can copy specific photos into Word documents. So, where are they???? Now I have plenty of other issues and you might have them as well. The thing is that Microsoft has built a multi-language operating system which does everything. You just have to ride along and now we have to pay for Office 360 (every year) and it automatically up-dates. Some have to pay for One Drive and of course Windows 10 also updates, not uncommonly when you just want to use the computer in a hurry – but I digress. What I really want is Widows 7 and the old Office programs.

End of the drought??

March and April have seen unprecedented rain. This is not normal for the Central West which usually suffers a mini drought in these months of the year. One could ask “What’s going on, but thank you anyway?” Who knows. Are we lucky or is this further example of disturbed climate? In any event the early rains have changed the picture for the winter. IT’S GREEN! And the oats have been planted, to be followed by the canola and (later by) the wheat. It’s hoped that the rains continue into the spring so we can see hay and grain harvests. Of course, global warming has not gone away and whatever the long-term effects of that turn out to be, we will have to see over a longer time frame.

AMMO Closing dates

A reminder that the B2020 auction will be held on the 11th September. The closing date for this sale is the 29th May. However, if you have a problem making this closing date please contact the AMMO office. A $4/kg advance payment is available if requested when your mohair is received at the Narrandera warehouse.

NATS 2020

On that fateful weekend in March (13th-15th) when big decisions were made in Canberra (the lock-down and the financial support for the country) the NSW Division once again held the National Angora Show and sale – NATS.
Supreme Champion (Cullbookie), Champion Buck (Tagora) and Champion Doe (Cullbookie) with Judge Jordie Van Hassalt (South Africa)

Goulburn Show 7th March

Supreme champion and Champion Buck (Impact) and Champion Kid (Windy Reefs)

Diamond Fibre Show 23rd February

Supreme Champion (Willean) with Judge Eleanor Santolin

AMMO A2020 sale (written immediately after the sale)

Independent report on the AMMO A2020 sale held on Friday 6th March. AMMO presented some 24,200 kg of mohair in 39 lots (134bales). Three mills were represented with two buyers operating for Stuckens, Sudwalle and AMT (presumably SAMIL). Bidding was energetic with prices reported to be similar to the South African sale held earlier in the week. A complete clearance was achieved after negotiations on 7 lots.

Growers chatting with buyers.

The quality of the offering was considered very good with most lots edging on the longer edge of the coded descriptions. The mohair again reflected the finer trend of Australian mohair in recent offerings. Again, the quantity of very short mohair was of concern. A complete summary of test results and prices is attached. Prices were again strong with a 25.2um lot of 272kg of BSFK reaching $48.15/kg greasy, 139kg of BSK (28.5um) bringing $42.60, a 207kg lot of BSFFYG (29.3um) bringing $35.00, a 226kg bale of BFYG bringing $30.10, an 11 bale lot of CFH (32.4um) bringing $24.20 and a 5 bale lot of CFH (34.7um) bringing $20.00. Outsorts generally sold well with CXFH (kempy adult) bringing $12.80, 8 bales of SCOT $24.95 and STN (light stains) $20.30. Some concern is expressed at the size of the offering given that no sale was held in November 2019. Prices for mohair would seem conducive to increased production but it is recognised that drought and high meat prices present potential growers with impediments to increasing stock numbers. Not to mention the time required to grow numbers by normal reproductive means.

Royal Adelaide Show September 2019

Stud animals were Judged Wednesday the 4th commencing at 9 am with the adult Doe classes over 38 mth and older through to the under 14 mth doe classes -all Doe and Buck classes were well represented by 5 studs on the day being Lynndon Grove & Amarula  Angora Goat Studs, Ansebury Hill , Cedar Grange and Aanaarden Park . Don Carter with Supreme Angora – Lynndon Grove

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2019

Big Gun judges Angoras at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

George Hope, President of the South African Ram Breeders Society and Principal of Lock Dale Angoras delivered a high-power presence to this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show……. Click for George Hope’s comments on the South African industry
George Hope supervising wether shearing at the 2019 Royal Easter Show

Cullbookie has another big result

Debbie Scattergood receiving the big “lump of silver” – the Ron Smith Perpetual Trophy for best in show. (The trophy is a cast silver sculpture made in the USA depicting American Mountain Goats. The trophy rotates annually through the 3 goat sections at the Royal Easter Show.)

Information for discussion

South Africans working hard on image and practice.

Now here is some interesting reading. Click the link below to see the guidelines developed for South Africa. This is a very detailed document and it shows how serious the South African industry takes the development of a public image and an industry practice. Some points: South African Sustainable Mohair Production Guidelines

South Africa leads the world in thinking Mohair

Watch the Mohair South Africa Brand Film (come on – its not hard. Go to “Partners, Mohair South Africa and click the clip”). Think about the messages!!!!