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The international textile market has a strong appetite for mohair at the moment and future prospects are looking really positive. As reported internationally demand is up and supply is low.    In Australia the total annual production of mohair is approximately  80,000 – 85,000 kg per year which locally is down from the 131,344 kg forecast in the 2004 survey from a total of 34,000 Angora goats running across Australia.   The split at that time was 23,375 does, 1,195 bucks and 9,320 wethers.  Many current producers entered the industry in the early 80’s and are of a similar age bracket.   With record farm property prices it makes sense some people will exit and retire. Our challenge for the entire industry is to find new producers.

Result for the National Board nominations

Dear Mohair Australia,
I received 5 successful nominations and 1 late and therefore not accepted nomination for the 5 vacant national board positions of Mohair Australia Ltd.
A national election is not required.   Therefore the new national Mohair Australia Ltd board will be :
Vicki Winley – Tasmania
Lynne Carter – South Australia
Sue Jordan – Western Australia
Grant Forsdick – New South Wales
Nick Gorrie – New South Wales
They will officially start their national board duties from the Mohair Australia AGM on Thursday the 25th November 2021.
Yours Sincerely,
Joanne Collins
Receiving Officer

Covid 19 Update for regional NSW

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