Dear Members and Growers,

We have posted out the printed copy and just loaded up the soft copy to this website.   Check out the side bar menu called Newsletters.   

We would like to take this time to thank you for your support throughout a challenging 2021 and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Kind Regards & Seasons Greetings

The Team at Mohair Australia Ltd.


Navigating the site

The News page is the logical place to start. Each page has a purpose so you can go there to check. We will update pages occasionally.

Breeders may well want the Herd Book so clicking the second last Name along the top will get you to the start. You need to sign in to see anything other that the membership list and the basic Herd Book information. Under the Log In, enter your membership number as the ID and your password which you get from the registrar – email or phone.

Without logging in you can search the Herd Book on Stud Name, Tattoo or Herd Book Number. ONCE LOGGED IN YOU CAN ENTER A NEW ANIMAL, TRANSFER RECORDED ANIMALS TO ANOTHER MEMBER, or LIST YOU HERD. This last command allows editing you flock to active animals (as opposed to inactive and/or deceased) to reduce the number of animals in your drop down box of breeders. You can always resurrect breeders if you have not recorded progeny before the stock take.