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This page contains contact details, forms and tools (bottom of the page) for Mohair Australia Limited National, Divisions and Regions.


Contact Details – National Executive

Mohair Australia Ltd ABN 40 008 585 135

Postal Address

P O Box 248, MUNDARING WA 6073 AUSTRALIA 08 9574 7090

[email protected]

Introducing the National Executive Board:

  President Nick Gorrie 

Vice President & Treasurer John Hoornweg

Company Secretary Sue Jordan 08 95747090, 0409 743968

Deputy & Minute Secretary Sue Bell

Don Murphy

Non-executive contributors:

Bookkeeping – Vicki Winley

Herd Book Registrar : Doug Stapleton

NOTE: This is a voluntary working Board. The address [email protected] goes to the 4 Board members. This maintains unity of information for the Board.

Divisions (states)

New South Wales. President – Phillip Oliver – [email protected]

Queensland. President – Don Murphy – [email protected] 

South Australia. President – Stefan Anesbury – [email protected]

Tasmania. President – Don Ackland – [email protected]

Victoria. President – Margaret Nicholls – [email protected]

Western Australia. President – Sue Jordan – [email protected],au



Forms and tools are provided to assist administration of Mohair Australia Ltd as well as offering interactive programs to assist data analysis.

Nominations are called from members of Mohair Australia for the five positions on the National Executive to take effect from the end of the 2023 Annual General Meeting, for a two-year term of office.

National Nomination Form

See or download the pdf file

A unique 3 alphanumeric brand (tattoo) and stud name is required to register stud Angora goats (Full members only)

Membership form and Membership renewal form 2024

Membership of Mohair Australia Ltd ranges from Full for stud recording to Commercial for mohair producers. Also includes Educational and Junior categories.

Potassium Iodide is used to improve kid survival and treat goiter. Supply requires an end user declaration. 100g in 3.3l water, drench 10ml every 6 weeks during pregnancy. Supply from Nick Gorrie 0409129123

Required for Divisional and Regional deposits to centralised banking

Payment of invoices issued to Divisions or Regions requires detailed request

For accounting purposes details of requested transfers between accounts are required

Mohair Australia has insurance cover for declared events

Health declarations may be required for shows and border crossing.

Required annually to update contact details for Divisions and Regions as above


South African Fineness Indexer Click here

Spinning Fineness calculator Click here

Gross Margin calculator Click here