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This is a training page to experiment with editors. The first question is does the wrap around work for longer text. Yes!

Herd Book Beta test

While there are still some issues, we have moved the Herd Book up to test level. From the Herd Book page breeder members are asked to add some animals but report any problems. Hopefully this will allow us to deal with specific issues.

Transfers can be done. The next phase of development will be the Animal Record Form and Herd Book Certificate printing. Then will come billing.

News Letter mailed

The first Mohair News was mailed this week. It was a surprise to see a full colour issue. Well done. The news letter will shortly be available from the News page. DS






General pages

Home pages has a typo I can’t update. !!!!

How do you get out of Elementor? You can’t, but it’s not clear how you can get a “publish” or an “update” that works. Maybe you have to pay for the last bit of the program. Certainly there is the offer to sell a copy from YouTube views of the SpaceX clip of the RUD of SN4, and others. (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly).

Just keeping an eye on you

Herd Book development.