The Herd Book system has been moved to the new site ( but is not behaving correctly.

You can help! We know that there are some problems with the checking routine for ADD NEW ANIMAL. To test for issues we now ask breeders to enter some animals while being very careful to complete each entry page correctly and SAVE. If you run into a problem let us know and we can fix it. Doug Stapleton, Registrar

While you can access the animal list and membership list of the Mohair Australia Herd Book you need to be a current Breeder Member of Mohair Australia to access higher levels including the animal entry, transfer and performance modules. Access requires a password which can be obtained from the registrar, Doug Stapleton at [email protected] or phone 0408681610

For a detailed instructions on the Herd Book click this link Herd Book . And yes, these instructions need updating as well.